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Font Designs from WENDY'S TREASURES
Game Tiles Font

Tiles stitched on an oversize tote by Wendy
Tiles stitched on an oversize tote by Wendy
26 Designs - Includes upper case, lower case and numbers 1-9.
$20 Introductory price $15.
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Gametile AGametile A Gametile BGametile B Gametile CGametile C
Gametile DGametile D Gametile EGametile E Gametile FGametile F
Gametile GGametile G Gametile HGametile H Gametile IGametile I
Gametile JGametile J Gametile KGametile K Gametile LGametile L
Gametile MGametile M Gametile NGametile N Gametile OGametile O
Gametile PGametile P Gametile QGametile Q Gametile RGametile R
Gametile SGametile S Gametile TGametile T Gametile UGametile U
Gametile VGametile V Gametile WGametile W Gametile XGametile X
Gametile YGametile Y Gametile ZGametile Z Gametile aGametile a
Gametile bGametile b Gametile cGametile c Gametile dGametile d
Gametile eGametile e Gametile fGametile f Gametile gGametile g
Gametile hGametile h Gametile iGametile i Gametile jGametile j
Gametile kGametile k Gametile lGametile l Gametile mGametile m
Gametile nGametile n Gametile oGametile o Gametile pGametile p
Gametile qGametile q Gametile rGametile r Gametile sGametile s
Gametile tGametile t Gametile uGametile u Gametile vGametile v
Gametile wGametile w Gametile xGametile x Gametile yGametile y
Gametile zGametile z Gametile 1Gametile 1 Gametile 2Gametile 2
Gametile 3Gametile 3 Gametile 4Gametile 4 Gametile 5Gametile 5
Gametile 6Gametile 6 Gametile 7Gametile 7 Gametile 8Gametile 8
Gametile 9Gametile 9 Gametile 0Gametile 0


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(62 Design Set)
$15 Introductory Price

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1Tiles shown are actual size.
Font Designs will be emailed within 24 hours of purchase.

Please read our policies regarding fonts.
Any download or purchase implies that you have read and
agree to the terms listed below.

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Designs Policy:

Design software sold by Wendy's Treasures is for original customer use only.
The design may be stitched out on garments for sale or personal use.
Design files may not be resold, nor posted on other sites as available for
purchase nor as giveaways/freebies.
Duplication of design files for resale or transfer to another party is a violation of
copyright laws.
Except where noted when original designs are credited to vendor artists,
all designs copyright © Wendy's Treasures 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and/or 2010.

Original clipart provided through Wendy's Treasures may be used by the original
pruchaser. Purchaser may alter colors as needed, and/or incorporate the clipart
in items for personal use or as gifts.
Purchaser may digitize the clipart and use the stitch files on items for personal use,
gifts or for sale.
If you sell a digitized version of the design, please give credit to the artist. A statement saying "Original artwork by J. R. Jones of wendystreasures.com" will suffice. A link would be nice.
If you want to create a link, you may copy the line below directly into any web editing software.
<a href="www.wendystreasures.com">Visit Wendy's Treasures</a>
Original clipart may not be resold, nor posted on other sites as available for
purchase nor as giveaways/freebies.
Clipart sold as exclusives belong to the purchaser. Exclusives will neither be
resold nor digitized by Wendy's Treasures or its agents. Wendy's Treasures
reserves the right to display exclusives marked "sold" as an example of clipart

Duplication of design files for resale or transfer to another party is a violation of
copyright laws.
All clipart copyright © J. R. Jones and Wendy's Treasures 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and/or 2010.

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